The Skittles ‘Touch’

NEW YORK Having the ability to transform objects with a simple touch of a finger sounds like a super power anyone would enjoy. But Tim, a character in a new Skittles commercial called “Touch,” is anything but celebratory of his special skill. Everything the video store employee touches turns to Skittles and though his co-workers are gleefully entertained, he is particularly pensive about his Midas-style touch. A co-worker runs up to him with another employee and asks him to demonstrate his “awesome” power. He touches a staple and it instantly transforms into candy pieces that noisily drop to his desk. “Is it awesome?” he asks. And here is where the story turns tragic. “When you can’t hold your newborn baby in your arms,” says the glum worker, as he proceeds to list other things he couldn’t do, like dress himself in the morning. He then talks about the man he met on the bus, “He’ll never see his family again.” He ultimately concedes, “I guess it’s pretty awesome.” And with that he slams his hand on his desk, which collapses into a torrent of Skittles all over the floor. The lead character’s performance is perfect and his despair palpable. It’s another great dark comedy from Skittles, perhaps one of its best.