Skin Deep

Richard Goddard Jr. and David Winkelman may shy away from dubious radio-station promotions—as well as the mirror—in the future.

One day in late 2000, Winkelman was listening to KORB 93.5 FM, a station in the Quad Cities region of Illinois and Iowa, when he heard DJ Ben Stone offer concert tickets to people sporting temporary “93Rock” tattoos on their foreheads. Stone then allegedly offered $150,000 to anyone who would make their tattoo the permanent kind. It seems he was kidding. But Winkelman and Goddard became unpaid KORB billboards, and are now suing Cumulus Broadcasting and Stone (a.k.a. Benjamin Stomberg), according to the Quad-City Times.

“Stomberg made the false promise as a practical joke, so that persons who responded to the announcement … could be publicly scorned and ridi culed for their greed and lack of common good sense,” the suit states. Both men claim they were unable to find work after the tattooing.

Cumulus is said to be “vigorously contesting” the lawsuit. KORB’s Web site has no mention of it, but does remind visitors to “Join us for The Hooters Girl Bikini Contest Saturday from 6-8!!”