Duck on ice? Sounds delicious—except that this is the Aflac duck, and he’s not going anywhere soon.

In its seventh spot for Aflac, a supplemental-insurance provider, The Kaplan Thaler Group has placed our fine-feathered friend at an ice rink, trying to inform two hapless figure skaters about Aflac. The 30-second spot was slated to break during the women’s finals of the U.S. Open this past Saturday and is expected to run into second quarter 2002.

In his usual agonized tone, the duck screams, “Aflac!” as the skaters chat about triple lutzes and other skating moves. Finally, the outraged bird kicks a hockey puck at the oblivious pair, but he misses.

The work retains the tagline, “Without it, no insurance is complete.”

“We want to keep the campaign fresh and humorous,” said Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO and chief creative officer of the New York shop. “The incongruity of the situations—the duck on ice, the duck on a rollercoaster, the duck flying beside a plane—are what make it funny.”

Aflac is based in Columbus, Ga.