Simple Disclosure: Ads Hawk Data Service

Holland Mark Martin Breaks First Print Ads To Promote Corporate Information Provider

By David Gianatasio

BOSTON–In its first work for Disclosure Inc., Holland Mark Martin strives to explain in simple terms the client’s complex services.

A print campaign is now breaking in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and other national business publications for the Bethesda, Md.-based provider of financial data about publicly traded companies.

The ads use the tagline ‘Financial Omniscience’ to position Disclosure as the ‘all knowing’ source for financial data, said Holland Mark Martin associate creative director Roger Baldacci. ‘We’re saying they’re all knowing. But if you use them, you can be all knowing, too,’ explained copywriter Baldacci, who teamed up with art director Scott O’Leary to create the Disclosure campaign.

One execution, showing a club and a ball, describes a golf equipment manufacturer. The copy begins: ‘We can instantly alert you when your ‘buy’ candidate files its 10-K, convert their last 10 years of financial information into customized spreadsheets and tell you which insiders are trading and why. But we can’t tell you why their club gives you 10 extra yards.’

Other ads showcase a mountain bike manufacturer, a chocolatier and a sportswear maker as examples of the types of companies Disclosure surveys.

The copy plays up the client’s extensive database capabilities because ‘we’re repositioning them from being a paper-based company to an interactive-based company,’ Baldacci said.

‘This is an effort to let end-users know who we are and that it’s our information they are probably using,’ explained Cheryl Gustitus, director of marketing at Disclosure.

The ads include a new logo with a cartoon finger clicking on a computer key labeled ‘Disclosure.’ They also carry a Web address and an 800 number for potential customers.

The campaign targets brokerage firms and investment professionals, chief financial officers and corporate lawyers seeking data for lawsuits, Baldacci said. The ads are scheduled to run through year’s end. No broadcast work is planned.

Holland Mark Martin in Boston was assigned the $2-3 million account last November after Disclosure parted ways with The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.

The Martin Agency’s efforts–and Disclosure’s past marketing in general–mainly targeted Wall Street professionals, Baldacci said. Holland Mark Martin is trying to broaden the customer base with this new campaign, he said.

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