“Six miles from the nearest road. Two from the nearest trail. And that’s all we’re saying about this place.” For anglers, the notion of a secret fishing spot is central to the sport’s mystique. In effect, it says you’re not spending a lot of time and money to catch something you could buy at a fish store; you’re reaching an Eden where nature singles you out to receive its bounty. Simms bonds with its target audience by evoking that ethos. Of course, it’s not just a matter of man and nature. It’s man, nature and several layers of highly evolved technology, from WaderWick underwear to RainCloud Jacket to Gore-Tex Lightweight Waders. Serious fishermen are as competitive about their gear as they are about their fish, and Simms positions itself accordingly. The ad’s list of a fisherman’s “Needs” concludes with “Ability to keep a secret.” This nicely captures an oddity of the sport: It’s often a solitary activity, but one whose pleasure is magnified by the fellow feeling among its practitioners. Although this man may now be miles away from anyone who doesn’t breathe through gills, we understand he must keep a secret because his fishing buddies would love to horn in on this find.