Side Dishes

California has been called the land of fruits and nuts, but these days fewer and fewer people in the Golden State are eating them. That could change if Lawrence, Mayo & Ponder has anything to do with it.
The Newport Beach, Calif., agency has crafted a series of 15- and 30-second TV spots and 30- and 60-second radio ads for a statewide PSA campaign for the Nutrition Network. The ads are airing in English and Spanish, and broke in mid-April.
The client, a coalition of more than 100 government agencies and agricultural groups, stands to benefit from increased fruit and vegetable consumption.
In the English-language ads, a homespun elderly African American man delivers healthy eating tips from his porch. A Hispanic mom dishes up similar advice from her kitchen in the Spanish-language ads.
At first glance, the $6 million account might seem a tad incongruous with LM&P’s work for the Fatburger chain. But creative director Lynda Lawrence has another take: “The real message is, ‘Be sure to put some lettuce and tomato on your Fatburger,'” she quipped.
–James Zoltak