Shutterbugs Run Amok

If staffers on the Polaroid Business Imaging account at Holland Mark Martin Edmund Direct never see another camera again, it will be too soon.
As part of a campaign to launch the client’s Write On film, which lets consumers write captions and cropping instructions on matte finish photographs, the shop recommended a sample snapshot (shown here) be inserted into 100,000 mailers.
Using as many as 20 cameras set on individual tripods, the Holland Mark team visited scenic locations around Boston and shot more than 100,000 photos.
“I told the agency they were crazy,” said Mary Courville, senior marketing communications manager at Polaroid.
“In the end [they] showed us a whole new definition of account service.”
Brand director Pat D’Amico took few shots himself, but agency receptionist David Hiller took the most–60,000 in all.
Their efforts paid off. The mailer has generated 25,000 orders, D’Amico said. A national print campaign breaks in trade books; Write On will be introduced early next year. –David Gianatasio

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