Shunning ‘Black Friday’

Given all the hype about Black Friday, you’d think the day after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time for a burglar to break into people’s homes — the assumption being that everyone is out doing holiday shopping. However, Ipsos Public Affairs polling for (fielded last month among adults who sometimes shop online) indicates the burglar would find lots of people at home.

Asked whether they plan to shop on Black Friday this year, 60 percent of respondents said they don’t. Nineteen percent plan to shop “primarily at stores” that day; 10 percent plan to shop “online and at stores”; 8 percent plan to shop “primarily online.” Those latter folks will get a jump on Cyber Monday. Here again, though, the polling suggests reality won’t live up to the hype, as just 18 percent have plans to shop online on that Monday, with another 18 percent unsure.