SHS Work Targets High Fliers

The target of Sullivan Higdon & Sink’s latest print effort for Signature Flight Support is pilots of corporate jets.

But the ultimate audience the agency, client and target are trying to please is the high-flying CEO they have dubbed “Mr. Big.”

Orlando, Fla.-based Signature provides ground and passenger services for business aviation. Charter pilots generally make the call on what flight service they employ, which is why the company’s ads are aimed at them.

“Feel free to engage autopilot once you shut down,” is the headline on an ad that shows a pilot relaxing in an airport lounge chair. Copy promises, “Employees trained to keep a watchful eye,” as well as additional cameras and guards.

Another execution shows a blue-suited executive being helped by two smiling blonde women as he gets off his plane. “A perfect landing doesn’t have to end on the runway.”

The Wichita, Kan., agency’s campaign takes a decidedly different tack from ads that ran a year ago.

That work, which was also cre ated by SHS, promoted amenities such as a limousine picking up the flier right on the tarmac. Such pickups are no longer possible at most airports since Sept. 11, said Misty High, who oversees the account at SHS.

Security issues have made getting on and off a private plane far less hassle free than it once was, High said. The businesspeople who use such charters “want the secur ity, but they don’t want the intrusion,” High said. “These guys are used to traveling a certain way.”

The current ads subtly note the security of using Signature while also promoting the comfort and efficiency in getting through the airport that the company claims to provide.

“I think [the ads] are sort of touting the balance,” said Greg Hobson, creative director on the campaign. “They want to have the security; they also want quick service and the ease of getting on and off their airplane.”

Because passengers now have to be screened and often have to take Signature-provided vans to their limos, “Key to us is to get across the idea of speed,” High said.

The work will run in September issues of Business & Commercial Aviation and Aviation International News. SHS also created three Web sites for the campaign.