Show & Tell Expands Business

Show & Tell, an out-of-home media production company for large-scale projects, is expanding its services to the small screens of digital out-of-home networks. The new division, announced Monday (Feb. 23) will serve as a production resource for ad agencies, brands and media buyers. As part of the expansion, Show & Tell is launching a new section on its Web site,

Since its founding in 1991, Show & Tell has helped companies develop creative and manage software solutions for large-scale signage, many in Times Square, such as ABC’s Super Sign, LG Electronics and Toys R Us, as well as signs in branded cities such as Victory Park in Dallas. But with the growth of place-based video networks, the company saw an opportunity to expand its business.

“No one is solely focused on creative for the digital out-of-home video space,” said Phil Lenger, president and founder of Show & Tell. “Many marketers increasingly realize the value of the digital out-of-home space, but at the same time are hesitant to navigate the medium’s complexities. Most people just think of it as a broadcast play.”

Show & Tell intends to leverage its expertise by taking into account the various production considerations for digital out-of-home networks in retail and other venues including screen shapes and sizes; viewing distance, dwell time and spot length; audio; and other technology considerations.