Shifts at PNC, Mellon

MARC/USA Pittsburgh will continue to work on corporate branding for Mellon Financial Services, whose retail unit shifted to Arnold after its sale to Citizens Bank.

Arnold’s addition of the Mellon retail work (the banks will be renamed by Citizens) led it to quit its $30 million PNC Bank business, which like Mellon is based in Pittsburgh. PNC was handled by Arnold’s McLean, Va., office.

PNC has begun talking to undisclosed shops in an effort to replace Arnold. The bank had been an Arnold client for two years.

Mellon’s billings were about $14 million, according to CMR. The retail-to-corporate breakdown could not be determined.

MARC/USA Pittsburgh’s CEO, Michele Fabrizi, said she expects Mellon will increase its corporate efforts since selling its retail operation.

“What we’ll probably be doing is really driving the [corporate] brand,” Fabrizi said.

Arnold’s offices in McLean and Philadelphia will now service an expanded Citizens account that will include Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, according to agency representative Rebecca Sullivan.

Citizens spent less than $7 million on ads last year through former agency Holland Mark, Boston. However, Citizens switched to Arnold as the year began and sources have said the business is likely to top $40 million by year’s end.

Providence, R.I.-based Citizens will rank as one of the nation’s 20 largest banks with $50 billion in assets once the Mellon deal is completed. Arnold in May broke its first work for the bank retaining Holland Mark’s “Not your typical bank” positioning.