Shevack Goes Back to School

Partners & Shevack has just launched two new back-to-school TV spots for Mead Corp.’s Five Star line of school accessories.
The campaign for the Dayton, Ohio-based company’s school and office division account introduces the new Five Star XL line of backpacks in one ad and promotes Five Star wire-bound notebooks in the other. The division spends nearly $13 million on advertising annually, the client said.
The backpack spot opens with three young skydivers. Instead of a parachute, one wears a Five Star XL backpack. Another diver likes the backpack so much that he offers to trade his chute for the book bag. The Mead user refuses and crashes to the ground. The bag lands safely. The tagline: “Tough stuff for a tough world.”
The tag is a variation on the 2-year-old “Tough enough to survive even you.” The humor is “a little more sarcastic and a little more absurd” than previous work, said Adam Owett, group creative director at the agency.
The other spot underlines a wire-bound notebook’s indestructibility by showing janitors covertly playing floor hockey with a student’s notebook. The tag: “Built strong to last long.”
The spots will run on network and cable TV. Sive/Young & Rubicam, Cincinnati, handles media planning and buying chores.