Shaq Addy

Shaquille O’Neal is the subject of plenty of water cooler talk at the Benchmark Group in Cincinnati, and not just because he’s in the midst of the NBA championship series.
O’Neal is the star of Benchmark’s “Pick the dominant force” outdoor and print campaign for Web-hosting company Digex. Outdoor and print ads show the Los Angeles Lakers star with a group of small boys. His gold uniform looks like his own but reads “Digex,” while copy reminds potential customers of the importance of picking the right teammates.
Selecting the kids for the spot was easy. The boys are the sons of O’Neal’s agent. Choosing the staff was more of a dilemma. Employees are already lining up for the team that will travel to do a television shoot late this year with the star, whom Carpenter calls “The Big Guy.”
“The team is pretty much set, but it may evolve,” he said. For staffers seeking to meet the NBA’s most valuable player, that has to sound promising.
–Jenn Goddu