To Serve Man

AmeriCorps, a government organization that places youths 18-24 in community-service programs, is launching a bilingual ad campaign in an effort to recruit 50,000 new participants.

Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates in Washington created the print, TV and radio ads, which are running in both English and Spanish. The sole TV spot features Zack, an actual AmeriCorps volunteer, and showcases the 6-year-old organization’sefforts to bridge the “digital divide.” This is done by showing how the program gives children who don’t have computers access to the Internet.

The tagline: “Your world. Your chance to make it better.”

“AmeriCorps needs to look like young America, and young America is a very diverse place these days,” said Christine Benero, director of the office of public liaison of the Corporation for National Service, the federal agency that oversees AmeriCorps, on the bilingual effort.

So far, TV stations have donated more than $1 million in time and space for the ads; radio stations have contributed more than $4 million. The TV spot is expected to air this month.

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