Senate to Hold Hearing on Nielsen LPM

LOS ANGELES U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Conrad Burns, R-Mont., said on Friday that the Senate Communica-
tions Subcommittee will scrutinize Nielsen Media Research in a hearing scheduled for July 15.

The move took Nielsen by surprise, despite continued controversy over the rollout of its Local People Meter ratings service in New York and LPM’s imminent arrival in Los Angeles next month.

“We haven’t been invited yet, but we expect we will be,” said Jack Loftus, senior vice president of communications at Nielsen in New York. “We look forward to an open and candid discussion of the issues.”

Don’t Count Us Out, a coalition of largely Hispanic media interests, said in a statement that the upcoming hearing “represents a historic step by Congress towards ensuring fairness and accuracy in media ratings.”

Nielsen is owned by Adweek Magazines parent VNU.