Senate Confirms FCC, FTC Nominations

One of many last-minute actions

The fiscal cliff wasn't the only piece of business that went down to the wire in the Senate. On New Year's Day, the upper chamber confirmed Joshua Wright (R) to be a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission and approved the renomination of Mignon Clyburn (D) to the Federal Communications Commission.

The last-minute confirmations mean that both agencies will begin the year with the requisite five commissioners. Clyburn was a slam dunk for approval in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Wright's path was less certain following a tough nomination hearing last month before the Senate Commerce Committee, where he was grilled by Democrats for his conservative views on antitrust and critique of the FTC's investigation of Google. 

During the hearing, Wright said he would recuse himself on Google issues for two years. The FTC is currently wrapping a two-year antitrust investigation into Google, which is expected to result in no enforcement action. 

Wright replaces outgoing FTC commissioner Thomas Rosch.