SenaReider Works With ‘America’s Favorite’

ATLANTA The Florida Tomato Committee said it plans to launch a television ad campaign early next year to promote the sale of Florida tomatoes.

SenaReider, an independent San Francisco shop, created four 15-second TV spots. The agency developed a print campaign for the organization, which is responsible for marketing the state’s tomato crop, earlier this year. Those ads ran five times in USA Today.

The TV ads will run on cable’s Discovery Health, the Food Network and Home & Garden Television on Jan. 2-29 and March 13 through April 9.

“The Tomato Committee asked us how creative we could be on a limited budget,” said Lou Sena, the agency’s account director. “When we told them we could do TV and showed them the boards, they were thrilled.”

Each spot shows a ripe tomato against a white background as a voiceover describes its health benefits, such as antioxidants that can protect against cancer and other naturally occurring ingredients that can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Each ad ends with the logo of the Florida Tomato Committee and the tagline, “America’s favorite.”

The work represents the Florida organization’s first TV campaign. Spending was not disclosed.