SEMI-PERPETUAL MOTION: A Little Traveling Music for These Hall of Fame Inductees

As if a starring role in the Old Testament weren’t enough, Moses now has achieved the honor of induction in the Frequent Traveler Hall of Fame by dint of his 40-year trek through the desert. Cooked up as a promotional ploy by Hilton Hotels Corp., the Hall honors contemporary and ancient personages notable for the amount of mileage they rack up in a year. Among living honorees for 1992: James Baker and the drivers for the Clinton-Gore bus tours. Among dead honorees: Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart. And in a category of his own: Elvis Presley, who continues to appear around the country despite the seeming handicap of being dead. Not all of the travel being honored by Hilton was unambiguously commendable: a couple NBA players were inducted into the Hall because they tied for the most traveling violations last season.
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