How do you replace quarterback Doug “Not Too Tall” Flutie?
The Buffalo Bills tried Rob Johnson and it was a disaster.
Quality Hotels thinks it will be successful with the second phase of its “Celebrity in bed” print campaign. The Silver Springs, Md.-based chain substituted Iowa’s McCaughey septuplets, now 2 year olds, for the diminutive footballer.
The ads, which break in the May issues of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Woman’s Day and other family magazines, show the McCaughey parents with their bouncing, climbing, squirming clan–filling up a hotel room.
Baltimore’s Gray Kirk Vansant created the campaign with a tie-in to Serta, now mattress of choice in 42,000 Quality rooms across the U.S.
GKV creative director Jeff Millman collaborated with photographer Dana Fineman on the shoot.
“These are miracle mattresses,” said hotel representative Dorothy Dee. “So we were looking for another miracle.”
So were the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.
–Vincent Coppola