Seiter & Mil ler advises clients to spend during tough economic times. The New York agency apparently took its own advice to heart, creating a self-promotional campaign to combat the current economic malaise.

The effort is comprised of three print ads, each of which focuses on a particular benefit of doing business with the 18-employee shop.

One ad assures clients that the shop won’t turn its back on them when their budgets are cut. Another guarantees that the agency assigns its best people to every account, regardless of size. The third decries the bureau cracy found at larger agencies and mourns the good ideas that often fall through the cracks there.

“We’re trying to reach people in the $10-20 million range,” said creative partner Livingston Miller. “They could get lost at a big agency.”

The ads, which broke recently, will run through the summer in every car of Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, NJ Transit and PATH trains.