Segerholt Bolts Modernista! for Trion

BOSTON — Mattias Segerholt, one of the first employees of hot start-up Modernista!, has left the agency to join Trion Communications in as creative director.

At Trion, Providence, R.I., Segerholt, an art director, will head a six-person department and oversee the Annie’s Pasta account, as well as Brown University Athletics and work for other regional clients.

Calling the switch to the 20-person shop an “opportunity to have more control over my work,” Segerholt also noted that Modernista! is “very much driven by” co-founders Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke. “It’s their shop,” he said, adding that leaving the Boston agency was a difficult professional decision.

Segerholt joined Jensen and Koepke at Modernista! in May, 2000. At Modernista!, Segerholt served as a designer and worked on MTV, The Travel Channel and the Gap.

Prior to Modernista!, Segerholt, a Stockholm, Sweden native, was a designer at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Oregon, where he worked on Nike, Miller Beer and Coca Cola.