Canines might not understand birth control, but creatives at Boone/Oakley are practicing new marketing tricks.

In the Charlotte, N.C., shop’s latest 30-second television commercial for the local Humane Society, two dogs demonstrate how not to use a condom.

“Puppy Love,” directed by Peter Darley of Miller Stiefel + Co. in Santa Monica, Calif., shows a sexually active pair of mutts at least trying to be responsible. Unfortunately, no one ever instructed them that a condom does not go on a wagging tail.

Charlotte CBS affiliate WBTV refused to run the PSA, but Fox’s WCCB-TV sat up and begged.

“They ran [the spot] first on their 6 o’clock news, asking people if the ad was effective or offensive,” said agencypartner David Oakley. “The station’s poll came out in favor of the ad, and the client was flooded with calls asking about its spay/neuter program.”