To tout the “larger-than-life” possibilities of the New Jersey Lottery’s latest instant-win game, the Big Money Spectacular, GráficaAdvertising knew the work had to be big.

“King Kong-sized” would perhaps more accurately describe the result.

The effort, which broke recently, is part of a new multimedia campaign by the shop, a company of Chester, N.J.-based GráficaGroup. The 9-by-22-foot ads each cover nearly the entire side of a transit bus—including the windows. They are the brainchild of New York-based Culver Amherst, an out-of-home media company that specializes in developing advertising-supported bus shelters, benches and information kiosks.

Each colorful bus ad shows a person hanging onto the Big Money Spectacular game while flying through the air. “Winners by the busload!” exclaims the ad. “Grab one today!”

“We wanted to do something that would be as big as the game,” said Jon Harcharek, creative director at GráficaGroup.

The campaign includes 17 of the “King Kong-sized” bus ads, which are running for seven months primarily in Northern New Jersey, as well as spot and cable TV and Pathvision ads.