Screenvision Is Upfront in Midwest

CHICAGO Screenvision will host its second annual Cinema Upfront Presentations in Detroit and Chicago next week to give advertisers a preview of upcoming blockbusters.

The New York company will begin its 2003 upfront presentations in Detroit on Feb. 19, followed by Chicago on Feb. 20, Screenvision executives said. Presentations are also being held in New York on Feb. 27 and Hollywood, Calif., on March 6.

With movie ticket sales up 13 percent to $9.4 billion in 2002, marketers can use cinema to deliver advertising messages to a broad audience, Screenvision executives said.

Sponsors such as Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew have been big players in using the medium for ad messages. Mountain Dew, for instance, aired a commercial before Gangs of New York. The ad showed a young man flipping his car over to catch a Mountain Dew he left behind before a stranger is able to take a sip.

Screenvision, National Cinema Network and Regal CineMedia recently formed a new national trade association, the Cinema Advertising Council [Brandweek, Feb. 10]. The CAC was established to promote the industry and streamline the cinema buying process for advertisers.