Scion Continues to Prep for Launch

DETROIT — Toyota Motor Sales USA’s Scion unit has enlisted URB magazine, a Los Angeles-based youth-oriented alternative music magazine, to design and write the copy for a brochure for the new vehicle line.

Its first distribution will be at the Detroit and Los Angeles auto shows in January, said Brian Bolain, Scion national manager. Attik, San Francisco, will handle creative on all other print projects, along with broadcast and outdoors, he said. A redesigned website from Oasis, New York, will launch after the first of the year, he added.

The Rebel Organization, an affiliate of URB, has been involved in other Scion pre-launch activities. Those efforts have primarily centered on nontraditional relationship marketing events, mostly centering around music, for the new brand, which goes on sale in California on June 3, 2003.

Sales of the initial two vehicles, yet to be named, will expand to the “smile zone” which includes the coastal areas of the country from California over to Boston in February 2004. National availability is targeted for the summer of 2004 and by then there will be three vehicles offered, said Jim Farley, Scion corporate manager.

Target consumers are in their mid 20s and are trendsetters, but still have family values. “They are not about tattoos and mohawks and green hair,” Farley said. The Torrance, Calif.-based Scion target includes male consumers who are urban influenced, college-educated with above average incomes and who are very savvy customers.