Saying No to Crack

Jane Jayroe has heard just about every butt-related pun under the sun in the last few weeks, and is getting a little tired of it. “You might come up with another one, but I can’t imagine it,” she tells Shoptalk wearily. “I’ve been privileged to hear some pretty creative language.”

The press corps, it’s true, has been sounding off happily ever since Jayroe’s Oklahoma tourism office allowed an ad to be printed in one of its guides that shows a man bending over a little too far next to the line “Is your free time not all it’s cracked up to be?” The ad, touting the attractions of Oklahoma City, appeared on the inside back cover of the guide.

Jayroe, the tourism director (and, as it happens, Miss America 1967), hadn’t seen the ad before it was printed, and though it may seem tame enough, she felt it was in poor taste. “This publication in particular, a lakes and camping guide, has a family orientation,” she says.

Instead of reprinting all 200,000 copies, Jayroe had stickers placed over the offending image. She also had a chat with the ad’s creator, Resource Design Associates, which saw her thinking.

Now, Jayroe just wants the controversy to die down. But it seems not even she can avoid letting a pun slip here and there. “It’s our job to lift up the state of Oklahoma,” she says of her office, “and everything we do should be toward that end.” JOSEPH DESCIOSE/AUROA/PICTURE QUEST