Saw Doctor

Andrew Whistan’s clutter-cutting tool of choice? The hacksaw.

Whistan has had his knickers in a bunch over a billboard that’s been blocking his apartment windows for a year. So last week, cheered on by the rabble in his London neighborhood, he sawed a huge chunk out of the ad and let the light stream in.

“How far is advertising going to encroach on our lives?” the 34-year-old director of music videos (like that’s not advertising?) shouted down to onlookers after finishing his home-improvement project, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Later he added: “I cannot bear being constantly attacked from every which way by billboards and adverts. I, like everyone else, am tired of being made to feel inadequate and reminded how much money I haven’t got.”

Whistan was happy to have lived up to the slogan on the Micro soft XP ad he savaged (“Surprise yourself. Surprise everyone”). “Winter is dark and miserable enough as it is,” he said, “without having your windows blacked out.”

Perhaps impressed by his saw-wielding manner, the authorities had little to say about prosecuting him.