Save The Binoculars

Although TBWA/Chiat/Day recently moved from its famous “Binoculars” building in Venice, Calif., to new and bigger digs in nearby Playa del Rey, ad fans need not fear that the famous structure (shown here) will be torn down.
The Los Angeles City Council voted last week to give landmark status to the structure at 340 Main St.–but only to the binoculars portion of the building.
Under the plan, the binoculars–which anchor the building as the main entrance and exit–have been declared a “Historic-Cultural Monument.”
The four-story high structure was designed by artist Claes Oldenburg and incorporated into the building design by architect Frank Gehry at a cost of roughly $600,000 in 1992.
The structure is the only piece of public art in the city created by Oldenburg, who specializes in depicting bigger-than-life everyday objects.
As the symbol of the former Chiat/Day it has also become one of the most famous buildings in advertising.
Somewhere Jay Chiat must be smiling.
–Michael McCarthy