Sarah Jessica Parker Touts B&N’s NookColor

Barnes & Noble has enlisted iconic Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker to read all about its NookColor eReader in launch spots that break nationwide today.

She voices the push from New York ad shop Merkley + Partners.

“At Barnes & Noble, we’ve taken all we know about reading and put it here,” says the actress in the first commercial as visuals take viewers zooming through a B&N store to focus on the new eReader with a full-color screen.

That spot, “Love of Reading,” then shifts to a montage of lifestyle images. Women are seen using the Nook “anytime, anywhere,” such as in the kitchen, at the hair salon and reading kids bedtime stories.

The commercial, which will air tonight on prime-time shows like Glee and Dancing With the Stars, showcases the tablet’s color display of book jackets, magazines, newspapers and children’s books.

B&N is predominately targeting women “who really love reading everything,” said Sasha Norkin, vp, digital marketing at the chain. “It’s really a product for the voracious reader. This ad was meant to capture this excitement.”

Parker was enlisted for the voiceover “because we think she’s perfect,” especially as a mom, Norkin said. “She is smart, loves reading everything — she is engaged and enthusiastic. She brought a special spark to the advertisement.”

The push for the tablet will focus on TV. Print advertising, featuring the device displaying an array of reading materials — from books to newspapers — positions the tablet as “The Ultimate Reading Experience.”

“We really wanted to capture the amazing content and the features you can get on NookColor, but also [show] how the device fits into people’s lives,” said Jean Batthany, creative group head at Merkley. “It was about balancing the technology and the humanity.”

The commercial opens with images of a B&N store to fuse the brand equity of the retail chain with the delivery of the eReader, added Joanna Jacobs, group account director at Merkley. “The only people that can bring you such an amazing reading device are the reading people who are Barnes & Noble,” she said.

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