Samsung Offered Young People a Free Vacation, With One Super-Awkward Caveat

Would you do it?

If you get twitchy when someone starts swiping back through the photos on your phone, this French ad for Samsung will truly make you uncomfortable.

I'm currently judging at the international ad community's Epica Awards in Berlin, where my fellow jurors clearly loved this spot from Leo Burnett France. The jury awarded the ad a gold in the category of "personal electronics and devices."

The ad seems to have first aired in May as part of the brand's "The Way You Are" campaign, though many of us outside France likely missed it. The agency swears that everything you see is real and no actors were involved.

I don't want to give away the fun payoff, so I'll just let you watch it below:

Samsung Galaxy A – The Way You Are from Kinou Conseil on Vimeo.