Safeway Adds Fashion Retailer to Holiday Marketing

NEW YORK–Supermarket giant Safeway will unveil a new marketing strategy for the 2001 holiday season by selling gift cards from some of the nation’s top fashion retailers. The plan begins next week when Nordstrom gift cards will be available at Safeway’s Seattle stores.

Both Safeway and Seattle-based Nordstrom say the alliance is part of their plans to broaden their respective consumer bases.

Nordstrom gift cards will be offered at Safeway checkout registers through Dec. 31 in denominations of $25, $50 and $100.

“It is an added convenience for our customers,” said Nordstrom spokeswoman Brooke White.

Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway will be adding gift cards from other fashion retailers throughout its 1,500 U.S. stores, but has not revealed as yet which ones they would be.