Saatchi’s Talking Head

The staffers at Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, received a surprise recently when they heard the voice of hard-driving chief executive Kevin Roberts–in stereo.
It seems the agency had just received its shipment of Saatchi & Saatchi’s first annual report as a demerged public company. The “talking” report features Roberts’ voice as recorded on a microchip along with artsy, black-and-white pictures of the disembodied heads of worldwide creative director Bob Isherwood and others.
The recording is light-activated and tends to act up, which is what happened in sunny Los Angeles when a whole stack of reports sounded off with the New Zealander’s voice. “Scared the hell out of me,” said one staffer with a laugh.
Roberts’ voice was taped in New Zealand, programmed in Taiwan and “chipped” in China. Roberts’ 20-second speech notes that Saatchi is “driven by the restless conviction that there’s always a better way to do anything” and that the agency’s goal is to be the “hottest ideas shop on the planet.”
— Michael McCarthy and Andrew McMains