Ruby Tuesday Breaks Ads via Bernstein-Rein

CHICAGO Bernstein-Rein’s first work for Ruby Tuesday’s positions the restaurant chain as a low-key place for families with big appetites.

The first spot from the Kansas City, Mo., independent breaks today. The commercial presents the Goodin family, which meets once a week at the restaurant for dinner. The family includes three burly football players, who describe their favorite meals, craft football plays on the table out of food and pile plates at the salad bar.

The Maryville, Tenn.-based chain hired the agency through its Brand Relationship Group in July. The relationship was expanded to include advertising later in the summer. The work uses no tagline.

At an analyst meeting earlier this summer, Ruby Tuesday’s CEO Sandy Beall said the chain wants to be a national player on the advertising scene. “Our level of advertising should increase top-of-mind awareness,” he said at the meeting.

Ruby Tuesday’s owns, operates and franchises more than 700 restaurants in 41 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and in international locations.

Spending was not disclosed. The company spent just more than $1 million on advertising last year, but nearly $5 million through July, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.