Round Table Resolves Battle of Sexes

LOS ANGELES Men and women often prefer different kinds of pizza, but Round Table Pizza has a menu option to please both sexes.

That’s the theme of the client’s latest campaign from independent Siltanen & Partners.

“Men tend to like the heartier, meatier pizzas and women like the lighter fare with high-end ingredients. We wanted to position it as a pizza that both men and women love,” said agency creative director Rob Siltanen.

The TV spots support the Concord, Calif.-based chain’s recently introduced Artisan premium pizza.

Spots contrast the moods and concerns of men and women, showcasing Artisan as a dish both can enjoy despite their differences.

In one 30-second spot, a wife is seen comfortably reading as her husband risks life and limb battling with an adjustable bed. Later, the couple is shown enjoying dinner at a Round Table restaurant, with the husband wearing a neck brace. Another commercial shows a wife neatly combing her kids’ hair and supervising a home cleanup, while her husband behaves in slovenly fashion, sweeping dirt under the rug.

A third spot is set at a fictitious stage production Football: The Musical, a humorous gloss on how activities that please women (live theater) and favorite pastimes of men (pro sports) can seldom be combined. A voiceover drives the point home: “Things that attempt to please men and women alike usually please neither,” except, of course, for Round Table’s Artisan pies.

The client spent $15 million on ads last year and nearly that much through September 2006, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Siltanen has worked on the business for seven years. Round Table has about 500 U.S. locations.

Round Table last month hired former Carl’s Jr. marketing executive Renae Scott as CMO.

Siltanen in Marina del Rey, Calif., is best known for its wisecracking “Baby Bob” character used in campaigns for former client Quiznos.