Rose Is A Rose Is A Promo Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners handed out 30,000 roses to Baltimore women between the ages of 25 and 54 last week.

It’s not that the agency is desperate for Maryland-style loving, rather it is trying to raise awareness of its client Romance Classics, a cable network owned by American Movie Classics, Woodbury, N.Y.
So, unsuspecting female passersby at neighborhood malls, the train station and the downtown business center received a dethorned red rose with a tag attached.
The tiny card features a network logo and a description of the channel’s romance-inspired programming.
The network is not currently available in the region, but Margeotes account director Jon Shrair said he hoped the tactical promotion would create a desire for it among target viewers.
The event coincided with a newspaper ad (shown here) that ran in The Baltimore Sun.
Margeotes hired florist supplier Floral Silver Springs, Md., to tag the flowers and distribute them. The cost of the promotion was estimated at $40,000.