Rolling Rock Rolls Ads: New TV Spots From Ammirati Puris Lintas Take Humorous Look at Folk of Latrobe, Pa.

NEW YORK-Rolling Rock beer returns to the television airwaves next week with its largest pool of spots: eight mainly “mockumentary”-style ads.
The spots play on the quirkiness of Latrobe, Pa., the town in which they were shot, and are tagged: “A unique state of beer.”
The campaign for Labatt USA in Norwalk, Conn., from Ammirati Puris Lintas here, breaks this week on ESPN.
Seven of the spots, directed by Russell Bates, are set at various local landmarks of Latrobe, where Rolling Rock is brewed. They focus on the unique emblems of the brand: the painted label, green long-neck bottles, the mysterious “33” on the package, the horse and steeplechase icon, and the pledge on the bottle. “It’s fun, contemporary and relevant without walking away from the traditional equities of the beer,” said agency creative director Adam Goldstein, just elevated to executive vice president at Ammirati.
In one spot, set at “Latrobe Community Hall,” a judge instructs newly naturalized citizens to rise and recite the pledge on the bottle: “From the glass-lined tanks of old Latrobe ” Cheers and hugs greet the concluding “33.”
Another ad features a yoga class where acolytes squat by long-necks and chant “33.” The eighth spot is directed by Greg Ramsey and takes the viewer on a ride through a cooler of bottles, in the manner of an Intel Inside ad’s journey through a computer chassis.
This year’s ad budget is about $2 million, sources said.