Rodgers Townsend Expands DM

The managing director of the St. Louis office of Clarion Direct, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles’ direct marketing subsidiary, has moved across town to build the discipline at 2-year-old Rodgers Townsend.
Katie McGrath brings two decades of direct marketing experience to Rodgers Townsend’s work for clients such as Ameren UE and Mercantile Bankcorp, and to its new business pitches. She worked at Evans Inc. in Chicago and Dimac Direct in St. Louis before her two years at Clarion.
“We figured if we’re going to offer [direct marketing], we’d wait until we could give as good an expertise as there is in the field,” said agency founder Tim Rogers.
A direct creative team and production staff will likely be hired, but will not become a separate unit, Rogers said. “We’re being very careful to keep it integrated,” he said. “We’re not setting it up as a separate profit center.”
McGrath said the young agency, run by former DMB&B staffers Rodgers and Tom Townsend, was alluring because of its size.
“There aren’t layers and layers of minions rushing around doing someone else’s work,” she said. “It’s a terrific chance to get involved in the overall strategic approach.”