A-ROD: Gone But Not Forgiven

SCA Promotions has found a way to give some payback to Seattle Mariners’ fans embittered by the defection of star shortstop Alex Rodriguez to the Texas Rangers.

Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle has partnered with the Dallas-based promotions agency to create a contest that awards bigger prizes the more “A-Rod” strikes out during the 19 baseball games he will play against the Mariners this season.

Former Rodriguez fans can register at Cingular Wireless stores in the Seattle area for an end-of-season drawing. If Rodriguez has 30-34 strikeouts, the prize will be $10,000; 35-39 K’s are worth $50,000; and 40-49 whiffs will raise the award to $100,000. Finally, if Rodriguez has 50 or more strikeouts against the Mariners, the chosen fan will receive $1 million.

That’s a good reason to boo the former favorite son of the Pacific Northwest, but, as SCA chairman Bob Hamman pointed out, “Given Rodriguez’ record of home runs, our money is probably safer this way.”