Rockland Takes the Local Route

BOSTON Clarke Goward emphasizes Rockland Trust’s regional roots and commitment to community service in ads breaking this week. The campaign pokes fun at competitors that claim to be local, but are actually based far from New England.

Radio ads find one customer unable to communicate with the staff of his hometown bank, who all seem to speak in other languages or with strange accents, while another is flown to different cities to resolve a question about his family savings account.

The effort also includes print and transit ads and incorporates a “Fly Away” promotion providing winners with $1,000 travel vouchers.

Clarke Goward, an independent in Boston, added the estimated $2-3 million ad account of the Rockland, Mass.-based bank in late 2002. The bank maintains 52 branches in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod and had nearly $2.5 billion in assets.