Rizzuti’s Back on the Jobs.com

Texans Regain Creative Reins; McKinney & Silver Retains Media
DALLAS–Jobs.com launched a $30 million national campaign last week featuring creative work reassigned to Rizzuti.com.
The inspirational television commercials, starring renowned business author Tom Peters, were devised by Rizzuti.com of Carrollton, Texas, after the client withdrew the creative portion of its account from McKinney & Silver, the recent winner of a review.
Built around Jobs.com’s new tagline, “When you love what you do, you’re alive,” the series of radio and television commercials features Peters in an evangelistic mode. The author exhorts his audience to aggressively manage their careers: “Be distinct . . . or extinct.”
The humorous advertising campaign developed by Raleigh, N.C.-based McKinney & Silver, which won the creative review last November, ultimately proved unfeasible, according to sources.
“We did a campaign using notorious personalities that might need a job,” said McKinney & Silver creative director David Baldwin. “Like the first spot was going to run with Dan Quayle. We were going to take CNN news footage from his press conference when he was declaring his presidential run–‘I’m going to be your next president’–all that, [when] he was pretty passionate and sure of himself. Then we were going to run the Jobs.com logo at the end. Just real simple. The idea was: ‘Hey, everybody needs a job at some point.’ “
Quayle’s remuneration demands, however, proved too costly. Other potential personalities were unavailable or deemed unsuitable for the project.
“Finally it just came down to a matter of time and money,” Baldwin said. “They loved the idea, but time and money issues made it hard to execute.”
Dallas-based Jobs.com has transferred the creative portion of the account to Rizzuti.com, an agency it has worked with since 1997. McKinney & Silver has retained media planning and buying duties.
“We could not be more excited about this [new] high-impact campaign,” said Caryn Kboudi, director of marketing at Jobs.com. Adding that the company is “fortunate” to have both agencies on its roster, she said Rizzuti will handle creative for the remainder of this year.
Production of the Peters campaign was led by Rizzuti creative director Guy Lyman, with the collaboration of freelancers David Jenkins and Dean Noble.