The Riverwalk’s Tin Pan Alley

Ken Slavin, a public relations executive at The Atkins Agency in San Antonio, has been moonlighting the past few years in a somewhat unusual freelance job.
Stemming from a lifelong appreciation of the swing-era songs of Cole Porter and the stylings of Frank Sinatra, Slavin is a local crooner, singing easy listening classics like “Fever” and “Fly Me to the Moon.” He has even produced a CD that benefits the San Antonio AIDS Foundation. According to a locally published article, Slavin last month perhaps enjoyed the highlight of his fledgling nightclub act. Singing at a San Antonio hotel on a recent Saturday night, his set was attended by actor and dancer Gregory Hines, a visitor to the Alamo City and long a favorite of Slavin’s.
When Slavin greeted Hines after the show, Hines told him, “You’re really good, man. You’re really good,” Slavin told The San Antonio Express-News.
“That really made my weekend,” Slavin said.
–Glen Fest