Richards’ ‘Metaphor’ Personalizes Real Estate

DALLAS Behringer Harvard, a real estate investment company based here, is launching a new advertising campaign from The Richards Group, the agency said.

The print effort will break in selected real estate and industry trade publications in the coming weeks, the agency said.

“The objective of the new campaign is to raise brand awareness and promote Behringer Harvard as a thought leader in the financial advisor and commercial real estate communities,” said Allen Bourne, director of marketing for Behringer Harvard. “The campaign also allows us to convey several key attributes about the company in an interesting way, as well as showcase our executives as experienced and respected professionals within the industry.”

The “Metaphor” campaign launch features two ads, “Binoculars” and “Watering Can.” Both ads were shot on location at White Rock Lake and the Dallas Arboretum, and picture Behringer Harvard executives Jon Dooley and Robert Aisner. Two additional ads will roll out later in the year.

In “Binoculars,” a giant pair of binoculars appears in a picturesque landscape setting with Jon Dooley, executive vice president of real estate at Behringer Harvard, standing in the foreground. The text below the picture highlights the years of experience Behringer Harvard’s management team has, as well as their ability to spot and acquire strategic real estate assets.

“Watering Can” features a larger-than-life watering can in front of a landscaped backdrop. Positioned in front of the watering can is Behringer Harvard’s president, Robert Aisner. Accompanying text emphasizes the company’s wide range of investment strategy options.

“The new Behringer Harvard campaign is about understatement,” said Jim Baldwin, creative group head at The Richards Group. “Rather than presenting buildings in the company’s portfolio, we wanted to do something that differentiated the company more effectively from other brands.”

Baldwin leads a team that includes copywriters Ed Johnson and Dave Longfield and photographer Kent Barker.

The Dallas-based Richards Group is one of the nation’s largest independent advertising agencies.