Richards Exiles J.R. in Dallas Image Update

DALLAS The Richards Group has developed a new image campaign for the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The independent Dallas agency redesigned the client’s logo and created a new tagline, “Dallas—live large. Think big.” Aimed at meeting planners and tourists, the effort also includes a video featuring some of the Dallas area’s best-known citizens, from Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher to broadcast minister and author T.D. Jakes. Riding off into the sunset is J.R. Ewing of Dallas, the TV series that carried the city’s name into living rooms around the world.

“The video, new tagline and logo are the result of a six-month rebranding effort by The Richards Group that involved months of research and testing,” said agency account executive Natalia Cox. “The research showed that Dallas was perceived negatively as big hair, a big airport and J.R. Ewing.”

“We know that Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City, a distinct fashion sense, a myriad of sports teams, eclectic clubs and nightlife, world-class art and culture and major corporations that are industry leaders,” said Phillip Jones, president of the DCVB. “But nobody knows it.”

Indeed, the city may have more of an artistic flair than many of its residents might imagine. In a survey by Americans for the Arts, Dallas-Fort Worth ranks sixth among major metropolitan areas when measured by “arts-centric” businesses. In per capita measurements, Dallas exceeds New York, according to the study.

In addition to art galleries, symphonies and theaters, the study considered advertising agencies, graphic design and architectural firms. In Dallas, 3,720 arts-related businesses employ 25,771 people, according to the study.

Exhibit A could be the Richards DCVB video itself, produced with Dallas directors, production houses and post-production houses.

“Every supplier on this campaign who worked to produce the video, logo and tagline worked for a fraction of their normal rates,” Cox said.

A public relations and advertising campaign is expected to begin in October. Until then, the video can be viewed online at