The Rich and the Restless

At a recent Silicon Valley benefit bash, Bill Cleary, co-founder of tech agency CKS Partners, was happy to help the local media understand the tone of the evening.
Never known to be shy, Cleary told a newspaper reporter he was worth more than $100 million and decried the fact that other rich tech moguls don’t donate as much money to charity as he does. Cleary, 50, said he gives away about 20 percent of his money-an amount equal to the total annual revenues at some midsized traditional ad agencies in San Francisco. Yes, those might be the same agencies that a few years ago treated the Cupertino, Calif.-based CKS as a fringe player in the West Coast ad scene.
But ever restless, Cleary was far from bragging. “We’re rich and bored,” he was quoted as saying about himself and his fellow party-goers as he sipped wine at the $100-a-ticket event. -Joan Voight