Revolving Door: A Look at CMO Turnover

We looked at the CMO history of the most active marketers in the U.S. over the past decade.
First we selected the top advertising spenders in 2009. Then we eliminated those which have never had a CMO. The history of the marketing leaders in the resulting list of 25 companies gives some interesting insight into the evolving role of the CMO in corporate America.
 • How many CMOs have these companies employed in total?

 • What is the average tenure of the marketing chiefs at these companies?

 • How is this tenure changing over time?

 • How many CMOs have been in place five years of more?

 • Which sectors have seen the most CMO turnover and which the least?

 • Who is the longest serving CMO amongst the biggest advertising spenders?
For the answers to these questions and many more CLICK HERE to download the full results of our research.