Revlon, 007 Hook Up

The familiar notes of the James Bond theme play, but the figure in the famous gun-barrel iris is not Bond but “Berry. Halle Berry.” The Revlon spokeswoman stars in two spots that combine foot age from the upcoming Bond film Die Another Day with shots of lipsticks pointing up ward like missiles.

The 15- and 30-second commercials, created by Inter pub lic Group shop Deutsch in New York, break today as part of an estimated $15 million campaign that goes a step beyond a traditional movie tie-in. Berry is touting a collection inspired by the film, featuring colors she wore for the role rather than the other way around, said Kathy Delaney, Deutsch managing partner and executive creative director.

Advertisers are increasingly looking for new strategies to tie their messages to entertainment content. In the recent film Minority Report, for example, commercial pitches were an integral plot element, and marketers such as Nokia participated in tie-ins.

“Revlon and the Bond women share core values—there’s a sexiness, a sense of intrigue and boldness to them and to the brand,” said Del a ney. “It’s a good way to tap into pop culture.”

The Revlon spots also promote the Ford Thunderbird, with Berry inviting viewers to enter a sweepstakes to win the car, which she drives in the film. The tag is, “Rev lon. Be unforgettable.”

Bond films have always been alluring to advertisers, and Revlon joins Ford Motor Co., Philips/Nor elco, 7 UP and Omega watches as tie-in partners on Die Another Day. The movie opens Nov. 22.