Re:Think Takes Tetley in New Direction

BOSTON Tetley Harris Food Group touts tea’s potential as a profit-making enterprise for restaurants in a campaign breaking Oct. 3 in trade publications.

A print ad, via the Re:Think Group in Stamford, Conn., features product shots and drinks made with Tetley tea, such as a glass of iced tea, a mug of hot tea and a “toast-tea toddy.”

“Tea helps keep your profits healthy too!” states the large headline. Further text explains that, in addition to its health benefits, tea is a versatile drink and is the most profitable beverage a restaurant can serve. No tagline is used.

The ad will run in magazines such as Food Management, Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurant Hospitality. Additional executions are planned for later in the fall, according to Re:Think president Keith Goldberg.

The campaign marks a change in direction from previous trade campaigns Re:Think created for the brand. Prior work promoted the tea’s authenticity and all-natural ingredients.