Re:Think, SharedBook Go Long

BOSTON Re:Think Group this month launches ads for SharedBook and USA Football to introduce the personalized football yearbooks to youth football parents nationwide.

The campaign by the independent agency in Stamford, Conn., will run in local media in areas where youth football has high penetration, and will feature photos of actual players from regional teams.

The client’s producut allows parents to go online and create a professionally designed and printed document of their child’s season using the digital photos and written content parents provide. Upon completion, the finished yearbook is delivered to parents within a week.

“This is an exciting product because it allows parents of youth athletes to create memories that are more complete and go beyond the single dimension of the same old team photo,” said Re:Think co-creative director James Offenhartz.

The initial ads show players in action and feature headlines such as: “You see his steely-eyed focus. You see his grit and determination. You see a perfect gift for grandma” and “Get a personalized ‘YearBook’ of your child’s season. Because time flies almost as fast as he does.”

The campaign begins running in Virginia and will be rolled out to other regions after that. The budget is likely in the mid six-figure range.

—Adweek staff report