Republik Introduces Nerds On Site in U.S.

ATLANTA The Republik is launching its first work this week for its new Canadian client, Nerds On Site, the agency said.

The Durham, N.C., shop landed the account in mid-July without a review. The agency has been a customer of the London, Ontario, company, which establishes franchise offices to provide technical support for businesses that do not have tech staffs, said Robert Shaw West, Republik’s chief executive officer.

Nerds On Site has an annual ad budget of $1 million. About 60 percent of the budget is spent recruiting new franchisees. The company has more than 1,000 franchise offices in Canada and United Kingdom. The Republik was hired to introduce the company in the U.S., Shaw said.

The campaign is beginning in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The company’s Nerdmobiles, the trademark red Volkswagen Beetles the technicians drive, will broadcast a 10-minute tape about the business over the FM radio band. The signal can be heard within a two-mile radius of the cars.

The agency also is launching a Web site this week to make people aware of job fairs the company is sponsoring in the area. The site is being advertised through e-mails to people identified as computer technicians.

Other advertising will include outdoor messages and classified advertising in local newspapers. Those ads will begin Aug. 10.