Report: Many E-Commerce Sites Shoddy

Fifty-three percent of e-commerce sites provide users with search results that are poorly organized, leaving potential customers confused. That’s just one of the conclusions from a new study by Vividence, a San Mateo, Calif.-based online research firm. More than 13,000 Web users participated in the study of 69 e-commerce sites.

“We wanted to see how pervasive this problem was,” said Andy Cargile, director of customer experience architecture. “These were problems we heard people talking about.

“And the key thing to note is that these are basic Web design problems. There are easy solutions. It’s not really that challenging to fix.”

The study also finds that 32 percent of the 69 sites have poor information architecture, as well as slow performance. And 27 percent have cluttered home pages.

From Adweek’s Technology Marketing magazine